Having a home in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe is a dream come true for many people. And when that dream is realized, one wants to ensure that the fruit of all of their hard work and dedication is not at risk. Therefore having home insurance is very important for many people in Switzerland. Home insurance is a great service that allows you to sleep better at night by knowing your investment is safe.

Home Insurance in Switzerland

Swiss people are generally well-covered by insurance, and the vast majority of owners do get home insurance. Home insurance covers damages caused by fire, water, theft, or glass breakage. Keep in mind that damages that are not included in the insurance plan will not be covered.

Is Home Insurance Mandatory in Switzerland?

Buildings and fire insurance are mandatory in Switzerland, whereas both contents and liability coverage is optional,  but we highly recommend you get it. Whether it be a break-in, a house fire, or water damage, home insurance covers it all. Read on to learn about the types of home insurance in Switzerland.

Home insurance types in Switzerland

Besides regular home insurance, other types of property insurances are available in Switzerland. These types of insurance differ in regards to their legal status, what types of damage they cover, and the costs of their service.

Building insurance

home-insurance-in-switzerlandThis type of insurance covers damages caused to the structure of your property, in contrast to home insurance, which is usually a combination of building and content insurance.

Building insurance is mandatory in Switzerland except in four cantons (Geneva, Ticino, Appenzell Innerrhoden, and Valais), and mos cantons have a minimum value of property to be insured; any property below that value is not obliged to be insured. The types of risks covered by building insurance are the same as regular home insurance. It typically covers walls, floors, ceilings, and internal fixtures like kitchen and bathroom units against water, storm, and fire damage.

Costs of building insurance in Switzerland

Building insurance costs vary greatly and depend on several factors such as the property’s size, value, and location. Prices for building insurance usually start at 200 Swiss francs, but you can calculate the exact cost of your insurance by using online calculators different Swiss insurance companies offer.

Contents insurance

Home contents insurance in Switzerland is not mandatory, but it is advisable to get it. You are eligible to get this type of insurance even if you are renting. Contents insurance covers damages of the movable assets of your home or property. The covering of the items damaged is done at a new-for-old price. This means that even if your item is old, the covering price is calculated by the amount of money you would need to replace that damaged item with a brand new one.

Costs of contents insurance in Switzerland

Contents insurance cost will depend on the amount and types of items you have, but their age and condition will not matter because of the new-for-old policy. Again Swiss banks offer online calculators for you to be able to know the exact cost of your insurance.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance is a type of insurance that covers damages that you cause to third parties. This type of insurance is usually of great use in cases of traffic accidents and contracting jobs that deal with third-party property. Although liability insurance is not compulsory in Switzerland, it can be beneficial since it covers yourself and your family against minor carelessness acts that can have significant financial consequences.

Costs of liability insurance

The liability insurance cost depends on the sum insured and the insurance company’s types of risks. Swiss insurance companies usually offer to cover anything between 5 to 20 million Swiss francs. In order to get the best available liability insurance, you should use insurance comparison sites that are available online.

Can You Use Home Insurance from Another Country in Switzerland?


When getting home insurance in Switzerland, you will be able to choose from a large number of insurance companies. Among these companies, there are some which are not Swiss-based but have the necessary permissions to operate in Switzerland. It is perfectly legal for a foreign resident to carry his insurance contract in Switzerland if the insurance company is authorized to operate in Switzerland.

Home Insurance Companies in Switzerland

As of 2020, there were a total of 116 property insurance companies operating in Switzerland, which gives customers a wide range of choices. The biggest Swiss property insurance group in the same year was Zurich Insurance Group, while AXA Winterthur received the most volume from the Swiss property insurance market.

How to Choose Home Insurance in Switzerland

With so many Swiss insurance companies being available to the customer, choosing your home insurance may be a challenging decision. To help make up your mind about which home insurance to choose, you might want to consult insurance comparison websites available online.

Applying for Home Insurance in Switzerland

Completing the process of applying for home insurance in Switzerland is very easy and can be done online. You will probably need to provide your address, email, phone number, and bank details. Swiss insurance companies attach great importance to being as close as possible to their customers worldwide, so accessing their websites and phone services is very easy. 

Benefits of Home Insurance

Home insurance might seem like a gullible way to lose money unnecessarily to some people, but there are factual benefits that this service brings that can not be denied:

  • Protection of your most valuable assets

For most people, their house and its items are the most valuable economic asset in their life. The damaging or destruction of one’s home can result in devastating financial and psychological effects. Therefore home insurance is priceless in terms of the security that it offers.

  • Increased economic liberty

One way in which people who don’t have home insurance try to make up for this service is by creating savings deposits that may be used in case of damage or destruction.

However, saving deposits create continuous hardship in your monthly budget that restricts your spending, and they still may never reach the amount of money that home insurance can provide you in case of damage or destruction.

  • Psychological relief

The thought that the most valuable economic asset can be severely damaged or lost can cause severe stress and anxiety for some people, so getting home insurance will also enable you to take care of your psychological health.


Home insurance is a financial service that has benefitted many people since ancient times. Although it has taken many shapes and forms throughout history, its goal has always been to protect people from life’s unkind surprises.


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