If you are planning your next trip to Switzerland, you most likely want to know more about their airports. Switzerland is known for its busiest airports, and seven of them are international. So, if you find it a little bit exhausting to decide on which airport you should fly to, this article will help you determine.

Swiss International Airports

There are seven major airports in Switzerland that fly internationally. Taking into consideration that the country is a famous tourist destination, is known for some of the best schools, and is considered to be a financial hub. Switzerland International airports are always the busiest., starting from Zurich airport, followed by Geneva and Basel. We will take a closer look at them and give you information for each one of them. 

Bern Airport

The IATA code of this airport is BRN.

The airport of Bern is considered as a medium international airport located in the town of Belp- about 10 km away from the city center of Bern. It has excellent connections to Europe, where they fly the most. They offer direct flights to 12 destinations in Europe such as Antalya, Turkey; Crete, Greece; Elba, Italy; Heringsdorf, Germany; Jerez, Spain; Kos, Greece; Larnaca, Cyprus; Lübeck, Germany; Olbia, Italy; Palma, Spain; Portoroz, Slovenia; Rhodes, Greece. You can find detailed information for their arrival and departure on their website.

This airport offers services such as free Wi-Fi, parking, renting a car, currency changing, and other services. Although there is no train station, visitors can use public transport to reach Belp within ten minutes, where then you can continue by train to Bern. Not to forget that it also has a “ Lost and Found” and “Lost property” policy. You can immediately contact the airport staff, where they ensure you find and deliver your property.

EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

euroairport-switzerland.jpgThe IATA code of this airport is BSL. 

This airport is located in the municipality of Saint- Louise in France, and it serves the cities of Basel, Switzerland; Mulhouse, France; and Freiburg, Germany. It is 3.5 km northwest of Basel, Switzerland; 20 km southeast of Mulhouse, France; and 46 km south- southeast of Freiburg, Germany.

 It is one of the only airports in the world that is administered by both France and Switzerland. Basel airport flies into thirty-two countries with nearly nine million passengers in the passing years. In December 2021, this airport marked their 4,447 flight, with top countries such as Spain, followed by Prishtina, Turkey, Italy, and France on top of their top flights. You can find detailed information for their arrival and departure on their website.

The services that this airport provides fulfill your expectations. Some of their services are Free Wi-Fi, Kids Corner, Parking (which is divided into a French and Swiss parking zone), Petrol Station, Currency Exchange, and many other services.

Geneva Airport

The IATA code of this airport for the Swiss side is GVA, whereas for the French side is GGV.

Geneva airport is the second biggest airport in Switzerland. It is located on the Swiss-French border, 4 km northwest of the Geneva city center. It has two terminals (T1 and T2), so both countries can have access to it. T1 is known as the main terminal and is used for passengers arriving from or departing to French destinations. Also known as the French sector,  T2 is only used seasonally. 

It is one of the busiest airports in Switzerland since they fly to 100 destinations, with their most frequent routes being London, Paris, and Amsterdam. You can find detailed information for their arrival and departure on their website. This airport counted nearly 17,900,000 passengers in the past year.

You can easily reach the country since there are local buses that stop at the airport. Geneva airport train station can be reached directly from the arrival halls, which depart every 30 minutes. The airport also offers rental cars. Other services that these airports offer are free Wi-Fi, Covid-19 test center, Currency exchange, Parking, Kids playground, Meditation room, Smoking area, 25 bars and cafes and, others. 

Lugano Airport

The IATA code of Lugano airport is LUG.

It is located 6 km west of the Lugano city center and 30 km from the Italian border. It was a small but functional airport, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the airport had to put itself into liquidation, causing 72 employees to lose their jobs.  The structure will be put in ordinary liquidation, waiting for a solution with the private sector.

The airport counted nearly 200,000 passengers each year. The airport provided free Wi-Fi, ATM, and Currency Exchange, Rent a car, Shops, and duty-free. The Bars and restaurants were somewhat limited since there were only three of them. 

Sion Airport

The IATA code of Sion airport is SIR.

It is located 2.5 km southwest of the city of Sion in the Rhone Valley. The airport counted nearly 25,000 passengers in the passing years. The location of this airport is just perfect for ski lovers since it provides good access to the ski resorts including, Verbier, Zermatt, Crans- Montana, and Veysonnaz. You can easily reach the airport from the city of Sion by bus. You can also park your car for short and long-stay. You can find detailed information for their arrival and departure on their website. 

St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport

The IATA code of this airport is ACH.

It is a small business airport in Switzerland located in the north of the country. One of the best characteristics this airport has is that you do not have to wait for passenger lines. It will help you reduce your flight time up to 29% and your driving time up to 71%. The airport can be reached via public transport, which has connections to nearby towns such as Rorschach and Rheineck. Taxi services are also available. It also has connections to motorways, which makes the airport easily accessible to regions such as Bregenz, Vaduz, and St. Gallen, and some of the skiing resorts such as Lech, Zurs, Klosters, and Davos.

If you are planning on spending your holidays during the summer months, this airport can offer you some of the most attractive places to fly to. Some of the busiest routes during these months are Ibiza, Vienna, Palma de Mallorca, Lefkada & Epirus, Calvi, and others. 

Zurich Airport

The IATA code of Zurich airport is ZRH.

Zurich airport is the main airport in Switzerland, making it the largest international airport in Switzerland. It is considered as one of the best airports in Europe since it offers all kinds of services one could ask for. It is located 13 km north of the center of Zurich. It is only 11 minutes by train or car from the city.

Zurich airport has its flights scheduled to 194 destinations in 69 countries, with their most frequent routes in Europe being: Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Athens, and Pristina. At the same time, the busiest international routes are Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, New York, and Tel Aviv. The airport counted nearly 10 million passengers in the past year (2021), which corresponds to an increase of 22.7 % compared to 2020. You can find detailed information for their arrival and departure on their website. 

Zurich Airport offers its clients a lot of services such as free Wi-Fi, Medical services, Hotels and Conventions, Lost and Found, Car Rental services, Shopping, Bars, and Restaurants. 

Airlines in Switzerland

switzerland-airlines-airplanesThere are a lot of international airlines that operate in Switzerland airports. Here are some of them: 

Chair Airlines

It was firstly named Germania Flag. It is a Swiss airline headquartered in Greater Zurich and based in Zurich Airport. Chair Airlines flies regularly and seasonal to 21 destinations in 13 countries. 

EasyJet Switzerland

It is based in Meyrin, Geneva. Operating from Geneva International Airport and EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, EasyJet Switzerland flies to 80 destinations. 

Edelweiss Air

It is headquartered in Kloten, Switzerland operating from Zurich airport. Edelweiss Air flies into 65 destinations. 

Helvetic Airways

It is headquartered in Kloten, Switzerland operating from Zurich Airport. Helvetic Airways flies into 34 destinations. 

Switzerland being attractive mostly for tourists makes its international airports the busiest in Europe. Switzerland has a total of seven international airports with more than 50 million passengers combined. So, you’ll have multiple options to fly to and from Switzerland. 

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