Out of many European countries, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful locations that attracts tourists from all over the world. Therefore flights to Switzerland are always of the highest demand. So if you plan to take a trip to Switzerland, this guide will make you familiar with the major airports in Switzerland and what these airports have to offer.

Main Airports in Switzerland

Switzerland is located in the center of Europe, which makes this country’s airports some of the busiest in the world. Switzerland has seven main airports that serve domestic and international flights and many private Swiss airports. These airports offer pre-flight meals and many fun ways to spend your time while waiting for your departure. 

Zurich Airport (ZRH)

zurich-airportThe IATA code of this airport is ZRH.

Zurich airport is the main airport in Switzerland and is also recognized as one of the best airports in Europe, with over 10 million passengers in the past year. This airport offers all kinds of services to make travelers feel comfortable, and it also provides a variety of ways for them to pass the time.


Zurich Airport, 8058 Kloten, Switzerland


  • The three busiest routes of this airport, calculated by passengers per year, are London (888,876), Berlin (508,589), and Vienna (429,968).
  • You can reach the airport from the city center by train or car in only 11 minutes.
  • You can park your vehicle for a short time to pick up passengers from the arrival hall in the Arrival curbside lane. However, for more extended stays, it is recommended to park in P1 or P6.
  • You can find information about their arrival and departure on their website.
  • Many airport hotels offer free transport services to and from the airport. Therefore, you will find your bus along the inner curbside lanes of Arrival 2.
  • You can find the timetables and get the online ticket to Zurich Airport here
  • You can find information on car rental services within Zurich Airport here.
  • It will take you 30 minutes to get from the check-in desk to the gate since the airport is a manageable size, meaning that transfer times and routes are short.  


  • More than 80 shops and grocery stores are open seven days a week, usually until 21:00. 
  • You can use fast internet and Wi-Fi service throughout the airport, for two hours, free of charge.
  • A separate bus collects SWISS Business passengers on short-haul flights that land on the platform. The bus goes straight to the gate with no waiting time. 
  • Because of the short transfer times and direct routes, changing flights can be quick and efficient. 
  • The transit area offers shops, restaurants, showers, and lounges for travelers who stay longer.
  • If you want to use showers, you can find them at the Service Center for a fee of CHF 15.
  • You can check out webcams around the airport to indulge some of your voyeuristic tendencies.
  • If you are looking for a hotel, two options are recommended, a mid-range hotel such as Hyatt Regency, or a luxurious hotel like Radisson Blu.
  • If you lose something at the airport, you can check here to help you find your lost goodies. 

Geneva International Airport (GVA)

The IATA code of Geneva airport is GVA.

The Geneva International Airport sits along Zurich, as one of Europe’s leading airports; it is the second-largest airport in Switzerland. Therefore, it is one of the busiest airports, and they fly to 100 destinations.


Genève Aéroport, Route de l’Aeroport 21, 1215 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland.


  • The three busiest routes of this airport, calculated by passenger each year, are London with (2,469,786), Paris with (1,052,447), and Amsterdam with (679,826).
  • It serves domestic, regional, and international passengers and cargo services for over 30 airlines.
  • The airport sits along the Swiss-French border and is four kilometers away from the city center.
  • The airport connects with the city center by bus, train, taxi, and hotel shuttles.
  • Before leaving the arrival zone, make sure to pick up your free 80-minute public transport ticket at the luggage retrieving hall.
  • The airport’s parking lot is free for 10 minutes; after that time, you are expected to pay CHF 2 per hour or CHF 30 per day. However, parking by the Palexpo complex, 500m away from the terminal, is free for up to three hours.
  • You can find more information about arrivals and departures on their website.


  • You can use free Wi-Fi throughout the airport, but you will need an access code, which you can seek at the little purple stations by scanning your boarding pass. 
  • You can use showers at the airport for around CHF 15. The showers are located at the arrival and luggage area.
  • Children can spend their time at the playground between gates A5 and A8 and the Children’s Area in the Transit Zone.
  • You can find a meditation room in the Transit Zone, near the airline lounges.
  • The airport offers 25 bars, restaurants, and cafes, where you can get takeaway food in spots like Street Food Company or sit-down places in areas like Bistro Geneve.
  • There are 29 shops where you can shop, from the mainstay duty-free shops to high-end stores and vending machines stocked with essential goods and pharmacy items.

EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL)

euroairport-switzerlandThe IATA code of this airport is BSL.

The airport of BSL is located in the municipality of Saint-Louise in France, and it serves the cities of Basel, Mulhouse, and Freiburg. Therefore, it is administered by France and Switzerland.


EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, 68300 Saint-Louis, France.


  • A bus service (BVB number 50) is there to take you from the airport to Basel station, in only 20 minutes.
  • Flixbus, another bus service, offers you rides from the airport to Zurich, Freiburg, Colmar, and Strasbourg.
  • You can use free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.
  • You can find more information about arrivals and departures on their website.
  • Parking at both the French and Swiss sides is free, for either long or short stay. However, there is no bus service from the car park to the terminal, so you have to walk for about 10 minutes.
  • There are rental car services available at the airport, such as Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and many others.


  • Thirteen bars, restaurants, and snack stops are available at the airport.
  • There are not many options for you to shop at the airport. There are just a few duty-free stores and a few newsstands, so it would be best to buy your souvenirs before coming to the airport.
  • The children could get comfortable at a couple of play areas that the airport offers within the terminal.

Bern Airport (BRN)

bern-airportThe IATA code of Bern airport is BRN.

The airport of Bern is a tiny airport with international flights. The airport’s small size means that it has the quickest, most straightforward procedures you will find.


Bern Airport, Flugplatzstrasse 31, 3123 Belp, Switzerland


  • There is no train station near the airport, so you will have to take a bus which will take you to the Flughafen Bern bus stop for 12 minutes. You will then be able to continue to Bern or Thun. 
  • Since the airport offers two different parking zones at the right of the terminal, parking your car will be easy.
  • You will find more information about arrivals and departures on their website.
  • Since the Bern Airport is small, it will take you only a few minutes to walk from the gates to the check-in.


Lugano Airport (LUG)

The IATA code of Lugano airport is LUG.

Lugano Airport is another small airport located in the south of Switzerland. This airport is an excellent choice for travelers looking for stress-free travel to and from Switzerland.


Lugano Airport, Via Aeroporto, 6982 Agno, Switzerland


  • You can reach Lugano Airport by train using the Lugano-Ponte Tresa Train Service (FLP), which begins directly opposite the main Railway Station in Lugano. 
  • You can find more information about their arrivals and departures on their website.


  • The bars and restaurants are limited at this airport (there are only three of them).
  • As for shopping, there is only one duty-free shop and a newsstand.
  • You can use free Wi-Fi in the terminal.
  • If you have a business meeting, the airport has several conference rooms where you can attend your meetings.

Sion Airport (SIR)

The IATA code of Sion airport is SIR.

Sion airport is located in the heart of the Swiss alps and offers access to travelers who like skiing in resorts such as Zermatt, Crans Montana, Verbier, Saas-Fee, Nendaz, and Veysonnaz.


Sion Airport, Route de l’Aéroport, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


  • You can easily reach the airport by taking bus 01 from Sion bus station.
  • Car parking at the airport is available for short and long-stay.
  • You can find more information about arrivals and departures on their website.


  • There are only a few bars and restaurants in this airport.
  • The airport is situated near some of the most famous skiing resorts.

St Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (ACH)

The IATA code of this airport is ACH.

This small business airport in Switzerland is located in the north of the country. Because of the size, there are not many passengers in this airport, so you don’t have to wait in long lines. 


St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Flughafenstrasse 11, 9423 Thal, Switzerland


  • This airport offers flights to Ibiza, Mallorca, Naples, Menorca, Lefkada, Calabria, Cephalonia, and the Greek Islands.
  • The airport offers car parking.


  • The airport does not have many restaurants or cafes. However, there is a business lounge at the terminal that offers snacks, appetizers, and regional specialties to travelers.
  • For those who have meetings, the airport has two conference rooms, Embraer and Challenger, which offer modern technology in a professional environment and can be rented for an extended period of time. 

Private Airports in Switzerland 

Many private airports offer their services throughout Switzerland, such as

  • Emmen Airport (EML) – a military airfield north of Emmen, Switzerland, northwest of Lucerne.
  • Samedan Airport (SMV) – also known as Engadin Airport, is a regional airport located in Engadin, Switzerland, 5 kilometers away from St Moritz.

Swiss Airlines 

Here are some of the most popular Swiss airlines:

  • Belair Airlines – operates from Zurich Airport and EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg.
  • Easyjet Switzerland – operates from EuroAirport, Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, and Geneva International Airport.
  • Edelweiss Air – operates from Zurich Airport.
  •  Germania Flug – operates from Zurich Airport.
  • Helvetic Airways – operates from Zurich Airport.
  • Jet Aviation – operates from Zurich Airport and Teterboro Airport.
  • SkyWork Airlines – operates from Bern Airport.
  • Swiss International Airlines – operates from Zurich Airport.

Bottom Line

Surrounded by the Alps, the richness of lakes and its natural beauty, Switzerland is one of the most visited destinations by tourists, making its airports some of the busiest in Europe. Swiss airports offer all kinds of services, from bars and restaurants to meditation rooms and conference rooms. So, if you ever fly to Switzerland, you are sure to have a comfortable and convenient flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How accessible are Swiss airports for disabled passengers or those with special needs?

Swiss airports are highly committed to providing a seamless travel experience for all passengers, including those with disabilities or special needs. Facilities such as wheelchair accessible restrooms, ramps, and elevators are standard. In addition, services like assistance for visually impaired or hearing-impaired travelers, as well as for passengers with reduced mobility, are available. It’s recommended to notify the airline or the airport of any special needs in advance to ensure proper assistance is provided.

Which is the biggest airport in Switzerland?

Zurich Airport, also known as Kloten Airport, is the largest and busiest airport in Switzerland. It’s not just an aviation hub, but also a shopping and transport center, handling more than 31 million passengers annually.

What airlines operate in Switzerland?

Switzerland is serviced by many major international airlines, including but not limited to Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, and American Airlines. The country’s flagship carrier is Swiss International Air Lines. Some other Swiss airlines include Edelweiss Air and easyJet Switzerland.

Can I fly direct to Switzerland from the USA?

Yes, several airlines offer direct flights from various cities in the USA to Switzerland, including Swiss International Air Lines and American Airlines. The most commonly serviced routes are from New York, Newark, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago to Zurich or Geneva.

Are Switzerland’s airports well-connected to city centers?

Yes, Swiss airports offer excellent public transport links to nearby city centers. For instance, Zurich Airport is just 10 km away from Zurich city center, and the train journey takes around 10 minutes. Geneva Airport is located about 4 km from Geneva’s city center, with the train ride taking just 7 minutes. Even smaller airports such as Lugano have good public transport links, with the city center just a 15-minute bus ride away.

What facilities can I expect at Swiss airports?

Swiss airports are known for their efficient services, cleanliness, and wide array of facilities. They offer everything from shopping and dining options to free Wi-Fi, car rental services, and excellent public transport links. Some, like Zurich Airport, even offer unique facilities like shower rooms and observation decks.

Is English spoken at Swiss airports?

Yes, English is widely spoken at Swiss airports. Apart from German, French, and Italian (Switzerland’s official languages), most airport staff, airline personnel, and service providers are proficient in English.

Can I sleep at Switzerland’s airports?

While some airports like Zurich and Geneva do remain open 24 hours, sleeping in the airport is generally not encouraged. However, both of these airports have transit hotels and numerous seating areas. For a more comfortable rest, there are also several hotels close to the airports.

Are Swiss airports safe?

Yes, Swiss airports are considered to be very safe. They employ rigorous security measures in line with international standards and also offer medical services, lost & found services, and assistance for passengers with special needs.

What are the dining options at Swiss airports?

Swiss airports offer a variety of dining options, ranging from quick snacks to full-service restaurants. The cuisine is varied, with options for Swiss delicacies, international food, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. Famous Swiss chocolate and coffee are also widely available. It’s worth noting that the food at Swiss airports, as in the rest of the country, is of high quality, but it can also be quite expensive compared to other places.

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