With Switzerland being a multinational and multicultural country, the need for international schools has risen. Although the education system in Switzerland is decentralized, the school curriculum is regulated by the central government. Choosing the right school for your kids is one of the biggest decisions parents make, and that choice is even harder if you’re moving country. The language barriers and culture clashes might make it harder for children to adapt to a new learning environment.  Approximately 25% of people in Switzerland are foreign populations.

With Geneva being a relatively small city, the number of schools is quite large. Since it is the International Baccalaureate’s birthplace, it’s been considered the home of many international schools, some of which have a rich history. The languages that are used are usually English and French. The spaces in these schools are limited, and people wait a long time to get their kids in.

International Schools

Disclaim: The following list of education institutions does not represent a ranking.

British School of Geneva

Source: British School of Geneva

With its small classes and personal care, BSG boasts of being the only school in the Geneva region offering the English National Curriculum to 4-19 year-olds from Reception through to A Levels. While the primary language of instruction is English, the French language is an important part of the curriculum. Academic results are strong across all sections, as is the sense of community among the very international BSG families.

Curriculum: British

Language of instruction: English

Ages: 4 to 19

Yearly fees: from CHF 18,700

Institut International de Lancy (IIL)

Source: Institut International de Lancy (IIL)

Institut International de Lancy (IIL) is an international school in Geneva balancing academic excellence with citizenship. They have a child-focused approach to learning that combines creativity with critical thinking and encourages collaboration alongside autonomy. It welcomes students from nursery school through secondary education, aged 3 to 19, preparing them for major certifications, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE, Preparation to the Examen de Maturité Suisse, Brevet des Collèges and French Baccalaureate.

Curriculum International: British, French, and IB

Languages of instruction: Bilingualism, English, and French

Ages: 3 to 19

Yearly fees 2021-2022: from 15,000 CHF to 27,000 CHF depending on the section (French or English)

Eden School 

Source: Ecole Eden

Ecole Eden is a bilingual international school in Geneva. English and French are the languages of instruction. Different pedagogies and tools are used at Eden School, allowing the children to integrate the skills they need for their future life. Eden School takes the child as a whole and develops their inter and intrapersonal skills as well as their academic abilities. Eden School is a recognized Lab School in Positive Discipline and is a finalist of the Prix Suisse des Ecoles.

Curriculum International: Swiss, French

Languages of instruction: English, French

Ages: 3 to 12

Yearly fees: CHF 19’850

Mosaic School

Source: Ecole Mosaic on Facebook

Mosaic school is an international school that encourages multiculturalism and makes children aware of the richness of our differences. Their long-term mission is directed towards teaching their students compassion by integrating kids with special needs. Their program is certified and has a bilingual program accredited by 2 governments.

Curriculum: British, Swiss

Languages of instruction: English, French

Ages: 3 to 12 (Nursery to 8P)

Yearly fees: CHF 16,300

Collège du Léman

Source: Collège du Léman

Collège du Léman is an international school,  established in 1960. They are part of the Nord Anglia Education family of almost 70 schools located in 29 countries around the world. They help students—boys and girls, from 2 to 18 years old—find their place in the world by inspiring individual growth, academic excellence, and global citizenship.

Curriculum: International, American, AP, IB, IGCSE, French, Swiss

Languages of instruction: Bilingualism, English, French

Ages: 2 to 18

Yearly fees: CHF 31,950

Geneva English School

Source: Geneva English School on Facebook

Geneva English School was founded by a group of parents that wanted an English education for their kids in 1961. They believe in building a collaborative community of enquiry in which children appreciate the relevance of studying and become self-motivated, confident, and inquisitive learners.

Curriculum: British

Language of instruction: English

Ages: 3 to 14

Yearly fees: CHF 28,980

Institut Florimont

Source: Institut Florimont on Facebook

Institut Florimont is a bilingual Catholic school in Geneva. Since 1905, Institut Florimont has been training young people to find their place in the world from kindergarten to university. They offer their student the opportunity to learn both in English and French, and also offer access to the International Baccalaureate. Their success rate in the Swiss maturity and the French Baccalaureate is 100%.

Curriculum: International, Swiss

Languages of instruction: English, French

Ages: 3 to 18

Yearly fees: CHF 19,150

Collège Champittet Nyon  

Source: Collège Champittet on Facebook

The Collège Champittet Nyon thrives on providing a welcoming and safe environment for students aged 3 to 10. The school Nyon was opened in 2004 and stands on over a century of outstanding private education at Collège Champittet.

Curriculum: International, Swiss, Catholic

Languages of instruction: English, French

Ages: 3 to 12

Yearly fees: CHF 17,000

International School of Geneva

Source: International School of Geneva on Facebook

ISG is the first-ever international school in Geneva, founded by local educators and officials of the League of Nations and ILO in 1924. They market themselves as inclusive, innovative, and academically-rigorous. They respect students’ individual and cultural identities, encouraging them to become independent learners eager to learn throughout their lives.

Curriculum: International

Languages of instruction: English, French

Ages: 3 to 18

Yearly fees: CHF 31,780

Swedish International School of Geneva

Source: Swedish International School of Geneva on Facebook

The Swedish International School of Geneva (SISOG) is a small international school that uses the Swedish curriculum to help students develop a love of learning, build their self-esteem and spark their curiosity so that they can find their unique way to thrive in the world. SISOG nurtures happy, creative, and independent children, ready to build their future.

In the Primary and Preschool, they offer a bilingual program (Swedish-French or English-French) from the ages 1-10. Their classes are small so that the teachers can focus on the students’ individual needs and interact with them more closely. The school’s highly professional staff tailor the classes to the children’s needs through theme-based activities following the Swedish program in order to attain high academic standards.

Curriculum: Swedish (equivalent to the Swiss curriculum)

Languages of instruction: English, French, Swedish

Ages: 1 to 12

Yearly fees: Please see the web page.

Verbier International School (VIS)

Source: Verbier International School on Facebook

VIS is is a unique international day school where children receive a first-class education while being immersed in a beautiful and safe mountain environment. Education goes beyond the curriculum, and children are provided with a learning experience that will last a lifetime. The academic program at the Verbier International School is designed to foster excellence, personal development, and commitment to the community for children ages 3 to 15 years old.

Curriculum: British

Languages of instruction: English (with daily French lessons)

Ages: 3 to 15

Yearly fees: from CHF 26,790 to 36,100

Program tuition fees: CHF 34,500

English Universities

These higher education institutions offer programs with English as a language of instruction.

EU Business School Geneva

Source: eruni.edu

The EU Business School of Geneva is a private school founded in 1973. EU Business School offers its programs taught in. The programs are classified at the undergraduate and graduate level and include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in Business Administration (BBA, MBA, and DBA). They offer many programs such as:

Business Finance This program targets students who plan to acquire specialist skills in finance including bank and treasury management, and security management.
Business Administration (BBA) This degree targets students who plan to acquire a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals, including finance, operations, human resources, marketing, and management.                                                             
Marketing This degree targets students who plan to acquire a comprehensive understanding of marketing and its disciplines through a pragmatic approach to study.
Global Banking & Finance This major provides students with the theoretical basis and resources required for dealing with important practical problems in a career based on finance.
Entrepreneurship This program helps students develop the foundation for their new venture and give them the skills they need to become entrepreneurial leaders.
International Relations This specialization offers a clear understanding of the global economic climate that identifies the core components of politics, cross-cultural values, and ethics.
Communication & Public Relations This degree helps students acquire specialist skills in communication and public relations as well as provides them with fundamental knowledge in all major business areas.
Leisure & Tourism This program provides students with knowledge of business as well as a skillset in leisure and tourism.
Sports Management This program provides students with comprehensive knowledge of business disciplines as well as specific skills in the sports industry.
Design Management Students gain a general knowledge of design history and esthetics through this program while learning how best to apply them to business and product management practices.
Blockchain Management Students achieve an in-depth understanding of blockchain fundamentals while objectively analyzing this revolutionary technology’s processes, practices, and tools.
Digital Business This program provides students with comprehensive business knowledge as well as an advanced skill set in digital business.
Human Resources This program provides students with knowledge of business disciplines as well as specific skills in human resources. 

Languages of instruction: English

Program tuition fees depend on the level of studies: ranging from CHF 4,750 to CHF 13,800

Geneva Business School – Geneva Campus

Source: Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School is a private school located in Geneva. They offer an MBA program, undergraduate and graduate programs in International Management, which come with various specializations, such as Entrepreneurship, International Management, International Relations, International Finance, Digital Marketing, and Sports Management. The university was founded in 1995 under the name Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoine but was rebranded in 2010.

Languages of instruction: English

Program tuition fees

  • Bachelor: CHF 12,450 
  • Masters: CHF 10,250
  • MBA: CHF 12,950

International University in Geneva

Source: International University in Geneva on Facebook

The International University of Geneva is ranked among the top ten business schools in Switzerland. It was founded to encourage multi-culturalism in the Swiss education system as it is registered as a non-profit. The University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration, International Relations, Digital Media, Computer Science, and International Trade. There is also a Doctorate in Business Administration and Public Administration jointly offered with Plymouth University available.

Languages of instruction: English

Program tuition fees: CHF 34,500

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