Program Overview

  • 3 years


  • CHF 28,980 per year

    Tuition Fees

  • Jan/May/July/Sep

    Start Dates

  • Full Time


  • On-Campus

    Delivery Mode

  • English


This program blends the knowledge of global international affairs with the practical abilities of business thinking. Corporations operate in a more dynamic world as businesses continue to grow and overlap national boundaries. This specialization offers a clear understanding of the global economic climate that identifies the core components of politics, cross-cultural values, and ethics. Students who complete this program are prepared to implement a global mindset to conflict management and resolution when contemplating growth and the bottom line.


This degree provides students with knowledge of all major business areas as well as helps them in acquiring skills in the field of international relations, with subjects of conflict management and diplomacy, and foreign policy. Upon successful completion of this degree students may be interested in job positions such as the ones below:

  • A lobbyist is contracted by entities to influence government decision- and policy-making for their benefit.
  • A trade officer acts on behalf of local governments to promote and take advantage of business opportunities overseas.
  • A global policy analyst advises on a wide range of international issues. Researching political trends, country stability, and legal issues are some of their responsibilities among others.
  • An international business development manager will create and implement business plans for company growth by looking for new market opportunities overseas.

Areas of Work

The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations degree is designed to provide students with specialist skills in international relations as well as a business skillset. Some sectors and professional fields that may be of professional interest for graduates of this degree are diplomatic services, global communication, public administration, public affairs.

Key Facts

Fall Semester

  • Start Date

    October 2, 2023

Spring Semester

  • Start Date

    January 22, 2024

Summer Semester I

  • Start Date

    May 20, 2024

Summer Semester II

  • Start Date

    July 22, 2024

Fall Semester

  • Start Date

    October 7, 2024

  • Credits 210 or 240 ECTS/6 or 7 semesters*

*Students may choose to study either the six-semester program (option 1) with 210 ECTS or the seven-semester program (option 2) with 240 ECTS.

Admission Requirements

Pass score: