Digital marketing success is just as much about using the fastest, most effective outreach tools as it is about advertising to the right people. For example, did you know that the way you communicate with your customers affects how likely they are to convert?

It’s time to ditch old-school telephone cables and move over to VoIP – and in this guide, we’ll show you why doing so will net you more clients than ever.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is “voice over internet protocol” – it’s a way to connect to and communicate with people through data instead of traditional phone lines.
Over the internet, VoIP lets you:
● Make and receive voice calls
● Host and join conference calls
● Share multimedia and attachments
● Communicate with people all over the world
For businesses of all sizes, VoIP is cost-effective, scalable, and super-efficient. People can
connect with you anywhere, any time, and you won’t have to worry about cable maintenance or paying line rental.

But how does this all affect your business’s digital marketing?

How Are VoIP and Digital Marketing Connected?

Modern digital marketing success is rooted in communicating clearly with your customers. Whether that’s through social media, online chat, or email, it’s never been more important for customers to feel “seen” and for companies to deliver high-speed, high-quality service. As a sign of positive digital marketing efforts, social media viral videos establish that your customers feel “seen” indeed, and are doing their maximum in staying up-to-date with everything that you have to offer, and do not want to miss out on the slightest campaign that you are pushing.

For example, if you warm up a customer to call you – but they can’t get through because your lines are faulty or there’s no one available – you’re creating a poor first impression. They’re probably not going to call back.

A VoIP system lets you create multiple numbers for agents based in-house and outsourced worldwide. All your customers need to do is call one number, and they’ll get through to you in a flash.

VoIP supports digital marketing principles that state service should be efficient, readily available, and cut out unnecessary steps. Once your prospective customers are in the funnel, you can interact with them and guide them to support and sales while they’re interested and engaged.

4 Ways You Can Use VoIP To Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

There are many different ways to make VoIP work for your business – and here are just a few ideas on how to sew it into your marketing plan.

1. Host Webinars and Online Q&As

Why not use VoIP’s international video calling capabilities to invite people to join online forums and talks?  The rise of video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Teams has made it easier than ever for businesses to host live promotional seminars and Q&A sessions where people (such as investors) can connect directly with brands.

Hosting webinars through VoIP means you can plan ahead and schedule events through your social media ahead of time without worrying about losing connectivity or reaching enough people. You can also share links to the events with your network by embedding their respective links in your digital business card

2. Research Your Options Carefully

VoIP is a simple concept on the surface, but there are lots of different providers and solutions out there. With businesses moving more and more toward VoIP, it’s reasonable to expect a lot of competition!

If you’re operating out of the UK, for example, it makes sense to research the best VoIP providers in the UK based on professional advice and business owner reviews.

You might find the wrong VoIP provider doesn’t let you scale up your business and marketing attempts as quickly as you’d like. Look for a provider with clear, flexible pricing and features – such as video conferencing and call analytics – that can help you streamline your marketing.

3. Create Local Numbers

In many cases, VoIP providers offer virtual numbers that customers can dial from anywhere in the world. If you’re based in the UK, however, you might not appeal to someone looking to call cheaply or efficiently from, say, Brazil or Australia!

Therefore, choose a VoIP package that lets you create local numbers based on city and
national area codes. People will see local numbers and feel more inclined to call.

Doing so also shows callers that you care about them regardless of where they’re based. For example, using French or German phone codes shows you intend to support international audiences as a priority.

4. Use Analytics to Boost Future Campaigns

The best VoIP providers provide dashboards that let you tap into call data. For example, you can use a VoIP dashboard to:
● See where calls are coming from
● Check call durations
● Analyze which numbers are the most popular
● Monitor call queues and make changes to your process
● Prioritize agents to cover busier lines and departments

Call analytics through VoIP can help you decide which numbers to promote more and can help you address problems customers pose through social media and direct feedback.
For example, you might receive lots of comments regarding call waiting times for tech support via Facebook engagement. Check out call analytics, see which lines have the longest queues, and make adjustments.

Data and marketing go hand in hand – objective information lets you tap into what your
customers really want and need.

Wrapping Up

VoIP is the future of business communications. It’s not only efficient and cost-effective behind the scenes, however – as it’ll also help you streamline conversations and connections with your leads. Why not make the switch now before old-school telephony is gone for good?


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