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Since you are interested in knowing how to get a job in Switzerland without any German fluency—then you have surely considered the odds of moving here. Or, perhaps you want to try your luck for a few months, considering that Switzerland is known for its limitless earning potential.

The country has three other official languages except for German. And we can easily squeeze in English in there if we want to, considering that most Swiss citizens have English fluency.

Anyhow, we are here to enlighten you with some of the ‘hows’ related to finding jobs in Switzerland that don’t involve any German and are mainly in English.

Getting A Job In Switzerland Without Speaking Any German: The Basics

The work permit

In order for you to work in Switzerland, you must possess a work permit. You should know in advance that regardless of the period of time you plan to work in Switzerland, the government has a quota system already set. So you have to make sure you apply in advance, check with the criteria and your eligibility, and make sure to complete everything that is asked in your application form properly.

The job hunt

Every individual nowadays is equipped with some tech skills. The first step in finding a job should be to google about job vacancies in Switzerland for foreigners. Once you start this process of online searching, you will be exposed to countless job opportunities. You should be very careful when reading the requirements and pay attention to the company that is recruiting.

Small local companies will probably look for German-speaking skills, so you might want to skip them. Look for international companies based in Switzerland, who could use your French, Italian, or English fluency. Also, check language schools and universities with open calls for non-German speakers. There will be plenty of the sort.

The application stage

Job search background

Once you have identified your potential recruiter, you should start ‘Swissifying’ your application. Yes, there is such a term. We are talking about adapting your job application to the requirements of a typical Swiss recruiter. What they want from you is that you provide every single piece of information that relates to your previous work experiences in detail.

Note all the competencies you had, education, reference numbers, and important skills that you think will add more value regarding the position you are applying for.

The Swiss CV requires lots of personal information from you—which you may find odd at first. To add up, in most cases, you are also required to include a picture of yourself. So make sure you invest enough time in leaving the best first impression.

Negotiating your salary

You ought to know that Swiss vacancy announcements do not publish the salary that is complementary to the position announced. So it is up to you to calculate things before your final stage of the application process and think about what amount you will be offered as your future salary.

Bear in mind that we are talking about Switzerland, one of the countries with the highest income rate. So ask for larger numbers than what you would actually get in your home country. And negotiate, the Swiss go by this principle all the time.


Searching online is one step closer to your dream job in Switzerland. However, you don’t have to stop your search there. Once you have set up a basic knowledge of living in Switzerland, start benefiting from the friendships and co-working relationships you create there. Start participating in social events, meeting locals or expats that have some time living in Switzerland. These people can provide you with relevant contacts of recruiters who are constantly hiring foreigners for different jobs.

Job Vacancies In Switzerland For Foreigners: Resources

There are multiple ways of working in Switzerland as a foreigner. More specifically, as a student, you will probably look for more flexible choices that will give you enough time to study as well. Luckily, your student’s residence permit allows you to perform part-time or full-time jobs, as long your university provides a statement confirming that your employment will not prolong the length of your studies.

You can start your job hunt by looking for vacancies within your university, as there are ongoing positions for teaching assistants or lab assistants. You can visit the placement office within your uni, and they can provide you with information on student employment.

Job searching databases from Swiss universities

Find Job keyboardUnfortunately, the Swiss country does not have a central database of open positions at universities. Instead, you can use EURAXESS SWITZERLAND to see a collection of direct websites for vacancies in the Swiss higher education, or you can check the online databases directly in the following links:

Best job portals in Switzerland

However, if you want to expand your job search and seek opportunities outside your university, you can always use other resources available. Here are some of the most famous job portals that students in Switzerland tend to visit:

Teaching job portals


The most convenient way to use your skills in other languages is surely by teaching. And the payment for teaching jobs in Switzerland is advantageous, specifically for native English speakers. You can find teaching jobs on these websites:

Although we oriented you to links to several online job platforms, don’t let that stop you from searching for vacancies in newspapers and other printed media. Visit for a list of all  Swiss newspapers, and keep an eye on the job vacancy announcements. There will certainly be plenty of options for non-German speakers.

We wish you a successful job hunt!

  1. I wish to get a job as a car rental agent in Switzerland as i am in Belgium with my family and i have all the legal document

    1. Hi Ayman,

      We advise you to take a look at some of the job portals we mentioned in our article.

      We wish you luck on your job hunt.

    2. Please i need a job Vacancy as a nanny or hair dresser in Switzerland. My number +2349031865366. Thanks alot.

  2. Nice article. One good option for students exploring hospitality related work experience can check out the programs being offered by International Business Academy of Switzerland ( which offers guaranteed paid internships for students that speak English.

  3. Good day

    What suggestions would you give to a rehabilitation specialist in the field of Biokinetics (exercise and science- based profession) to find work in Switzerland in a rehabilitation setting?

    Many thanks,

  4. Hi thank you for the great article! I would love to live in Switzerland and work in sales, is there any English speaking sales jobs or even call centres to get started?

    1. Hi Thomas,

      We advise you to take a look on some of the job portals we mentioned above.

      Good luck!

  5. I am from Hong Kong with both Hong Kong and UK lawyer qualification, have experience working in a few leading international law firms and the local stock exchange for policy research and regulatory matters for more than 10 years. I am flexible to explore different legal or non legal positions. I want to experience the lifestyle in Switzerland and I’m flexible regarding job nature. Unfortunately I only read and write English and Chinese. Do you have any recommendations?

  6. Hello dear
    My name is Ahmad al hassan , I am looking for job with IT
    I have my bachelors degree 5 years from Syrian university
    Could you please advice me to find name of company looking for this type of job

  7. Hi.
    I from Iran. I am really into working in Switzerland especially zurikh. I am a software programmer with master digree(IT) working for 6 years. Is it possible to find job in this country? Or finding PhD student position in university of Ethz? I have one ISI paper. Would you guide me how to migrate to Switzerland? I know that it is hard for non EU countries.

  8. Would like to get scholarship for international students to study agriculture and have opportunity to work while studying

  9. Hello I am from Uzbekistan l am age 24 l work at school l married l have no children yet l will find Switzerland for example shop market or children’s stadium Also factories and services for my husband l never been this country It is my sweet dream l love it So l try on my goals l think people shoul work that she love and enjoy work So l listen to my soul and l will find work there

  10. Hello
    Is it impossible for someone from out of eu countries
    As a non skilled worker.
    Waiters , farm workers etc. Have no rights to live and work in eu ?

  11. Hello Everyone.

    I am new here I am looking for job opportunities in the field of Networking Technologies as I recently Completed my Bachelors please let me know if any Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi! I am looking for a customer service job and a retail sales and marketing job for my husband but how to go about it?

  13. My wife was a foreign exchange student in Switzerland and it has always been her dream to move there one day. I unfortunately only have and associates degree in software development and also a journeyman in carpentry. I don’t know what I could do to make her dream come true and move our family there.

  14. Hello, I’m Margaret Maundu age 42, I’m single with 2 children, I’m living in Kenya my home country.
    I’m looking to get a job in Switzerland as a elderly caregiver, I have an experience for 6 years i was working in UAE, somebody help me to get a job, thank you in advance.

  15. I would like to find a job in switzerland ..i have 20yes sales and marketing experience gulf and sri lanka ..(,6yes leading hypermarket experience in oman as a supervisor ) i have done diploma sales and marketing management …currently working as a business development executive at ab mauri lanka …handling bakery and hotels ..

  16. I would like to know if I can work as a Sommelier in Switzerland if I speak english only?
    Thank you

  17. Hello. I am from Philippines but currently holding a Student Visa here in Switzerland and would like to know where can I apply after my school. Anywhere that doesn`t require fluent in German, French and Italian but I Speak Basics in German though.Thank you and I appreciate your reply.

  18. Hi,

    I am Indian and having 8 years of experience in Recruitment and looking for job. Fluent in English and completed A2 level of German Language.

  19. I am a holder of a foreign bachelor degree in business administration(Accounting Information system) that I took recognition of it in switzerland,I would like to ask what is the best way to find a job whatever it is in the field of accounting,finance on an entry level in order to gain swiss experience.

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