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With Switzerland being located in the heart of continental Europe, no wonder people go bananas when they’re given a chance to study there. The country’s history in higher education goes all the way back from 1460, which explains the high quality of the Swiss educational system.

If you’re among the lucky ones who study here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore and learn directly in line with your passions. Don’t get intimidated by the stereotypes according to which Swiss people are all work and no fun. You should see how they praise their holidays, warm weather, and cozy weekends. It will quickly change your mind!

The Vivid Lifestyle

vivid lifestyle in switzerlandOnce you embark on any of the cantons of Switzerland, you’ll get a sweet taste of its diversity. The country is fused in German, French, and Italian traditions, providing students and visitors with an amazing experience of cultural variety.

The Swiss country prides itself on its geographical features and tourism, so it is for a fact that you will have plenty to do outside the library walls. Switzerland is home to numerous of turquoise lakes, filled with young students during summer festivals. The old villages and the high peaks of the Alps add more to the country’s beauty, no matter on which canton you have chosen to finish your studies. Its cities contain medieval quarters, with landmarks like capital Bern’s Zytglogge clock tower and Lucerne’s wooden chapel bridge. And of course, the country is known worldwide for its ski resorts and hiking trails.

Was that too overwhelming? There’s more.

Switzerland has one of the happiest and healthiest populations in the world. Its reputation is well talked about as the country lists some of the top-ranked cities with the best quality of life! Studies show that this is not only due to the excellent health care that the Swiss government has implemented but also due to the Swiss’ high standard of living and innate desire to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They produce all that yummy chocolate, cheese, traditional food, and they still manage to be so disciplined. Hence, students say that their experience in the Swiss country is one of their best experiences in a lifetime.

Networking Made Easier

Nearly 25% of the student population in Switzerland is comprised of international students. For newly arrived students in Switzerland, that is the best news there is. This way, they can meet other international students and quickly create a group of people who help them grow their social and professional network. It’s also the perfect way to expand one’s horizons to new customs and traditions and even learn a new language!

Which you will, eventually, considering that the country has four official languages and high English proficiency. If you’re interested in language classes, those will also be at your disposal in many universities in Switzerland, some of them even free of charge.

The culture of learning and innovation are all reflected in the world-class education you will receive if you get the chance to be a student in Switzerland.

Campus Life

If you haven’t gotten comfortable organizing your own leisure activities, then Swiss campuses have plenty of options at your disposal for when you need a break. You will pretty much find a wide range of associations and campus facilities that can provide you with extra-curricular activities. From choirs to orchestras to dance workshops, writing clubs, or poetry. The student unions organize regular social events and offer free tickets to different cultural events outside of campus. If you’re the athletic type, you will get gym discounts on many campuses in Switzerland. You can also take advantage of reduced prices on railway day passes. And you’re not going to want to miss that, considering that the Swiss transport system is highly efficient and never late.

Help with academic and future work matters in Switzerland is usually at hand in the form of advisors, often connected to the field of study or faculty. A career office is always available to help students shape their career paths or even find a part-time job during their studies. These advisors, within your university, will guide you towards capacity building workshops throughout the year on various aspects of life at university and beyond.

New beginnings are tough for everyone, but the Swiss country has thought of that too. If students need to consult professionals regarding any personal issues, some campuses also provide psychological support or intermediate support services that refer students to off-campus counselors.

And the best part is that you can even accommodate yourself quickly even if you arrive in Switzerland with a young family. Many universities cater well to your needs and your family’s, especially when it comes to child care. Many institutions have on-campus daycare centers and kindergarten classes. Flexibility is also an option, as part-time studies are a common practice, and in some cases, parents can also apply for financial support or request a break in their studies to take care of a child. To help you get the most out of these benefits, every campus has university advisors who will provide you with access to different possibilities.

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It’s almost like the Swiss country conducted a detailed survey with international students, asked them about their major concerns, and provided a solution to all of them. All that, to help you make yourself a home away from your actual one. We hope this article visualized the typical life international students lead in Switzerland. We strongly encourage you to become one of them if you liked what you read.


    Something to keep in mind. The prices in Switzerland are 5 times higher than they were when in school in Spain.

    Cripplingly expensive.

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