Program Overview

  • 3 years


  • CHF 28,980 per year

    Tuition Fees

  • Jan/May/July/Sep

    Start Dates

  • Full Time


  • On-Campus

    Delivery Mode

  • English


As digitalization continues to expand the horizon and new generations are adapted to modern technologies, many established businesses have started implementing digital strategies. At the same time, startups tend to dive into the digital market from the start. These businesses require capable entrepreneurial innovators that can come up with innovative ideas that are effective and relevant. This program will improve the skills, adaptability, and curiosity of young business leaders, not just to keep up with evolution but also to think ahead and implement advancement.


This degree provides students with business knowledge and specialistic skills, particularly in the areas of digitalization. Upon successful completion of this degree with specialistic skills on digital leadership and digital transformation, students may be interested in job positions such as the ones below:

  • A product transformation officer is responsible to ensure that an organization’s product and innovation strategy is optimal for the target audience.
  • A digital brand manager is tasked with driving growth and awareness across a company’s product lines.
  • A digital transformation manager is in charge of reviewing existing processes, structures, and roles within an organization and for optimizing them with digital solutions.
  • A business analyst is responsible for solving problems that affect a company’s performance and efficiency.

Areas of Work

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Business, Design & Innovation degree will provide students with specific skills needed to work across several sectors especially in the digital world together with business knowledge across major business disciplines. Some sectors and professional fields that may be of professional interest for graduates of this degree are e-commerce, media planning, change management, IT.

Key Facts

Fall Semester

  • Start Date

    October 2, 2023

Spring Semester

  • Start Date

    January 22, 2024

Summer Semester I

  • Start Date

    May 20, 2024

Summer Semester II

  • Start Date

    July 22, 2024

Fall Semester

  • Start Date

    October 7, 2024

  • Credits 210 or 240 ECTS/6 or 7 semesters*

*Students may choose to study either the six-semester program (option 1) with 210 ECTS or the seven-semester program (option 2) with 240 ECTS.

Admission Requirements

Pass score: