Teacher Training College of Valais - HEPVS

  • Saint-Maurice

  • Brig-Glis

Teacher Training College of Valais - HEPVS

The HEP-VS is a cantonal tertiary-level institution, located in Brig and Saint-Maurice, whose general mission is to harmoniously ensure the initial and continuing professional training of candidates for education for nursery, primary and secondary schools. secondary of the 1st and 2nd degree.

It thus contributes to the development of the personality of its users while guaranteeing a level of requirements allowing the cantonal and intercantonal recognition of the titles of aptitude to the teaching which it delivers (recognition of the Conference of the Directors of the Instruction publique de Suisse of June 29, 2004).

The HEP-VS comprises three sectors: the basic training sector, the continuing and postgraduate training sector, the research and development sector. These sectors are complementary and closely linked. As a result, professors, researchers, students and working professionals are called upon to meet there regularly in a dynamic atmosphere, conducive to reflection and study.