Intercantonal University for Curative Education (HfH) Zurich

  • Zürich

Intercantonal University for Curative Education (HfH) Zurich

The HfH is a university of teacher education focusing on special needs education, with the goal of ‘Education for All’. It is science based, practice oriented, and broad based. The mandate and mission of the university is education, continuing education, research and development, and services.

The University of Teacher Education in Special Needs is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and employs approximately 170 staff. The university offers unique science-based and practice-oriented degree programmes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Approximately 1200 persons are enrolled in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, studying for various tasks and careers in special needs education. All degrees and certificates are recognized in Switzerland and thus nationally and internationally.

The continuing education programmes at the university are up-to-date, attractive, highly practice oriented, and known for scientific excellence. Building on the participants’ knowledge and experience, they contribute towards further professionalization of special needs education practice.

Research and development at the university is application oriented and analyses current and future issues in special needs education practice, the profession, and policy. Research studies analyse, initiate, and support innovation processes, in cooperation and exchange with the people concerned and with partners in the world of practice.