Schaffhausen University of Education (PHSH)

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Schaffhausen University of Education (PHSH)

The Schaffhausen University of Education (PHSH) in Schaffhausen/Canton Schaffhausen is a training and further education center for teachers. It is a partner school of the Zurich University of Education.

Teacher training in the canton of Schaffhausen goes back to 1827. The PHSH emerged in 2003 from the Schaffhausen Pedagogical Seminar. The founding rector of the PHSH was Eduard Looser.

The PHSH has been accredited by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Education Directors (EDK) since 2006. The university offers basic training for teachers at the pre-school level (kindergarten) and the primary level (1st to 6th grade).

The qualification is the Swiss recognized teaching diploma for the pre-school level and / or the primary level as well as an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree.