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Zurich University of Education

The Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich) is the largest educational institution for teachers in Switzerland. Through its undergraduate and professional development courses, research and services, the PH Zurich is an active co-creator of the schools and educational processes of today and of the future. It promotes exchange and networking with experts from educational practice, policy and research in the canton of Zurich as well as at national and international levels.

The PH Zurich trains teachers for the kindergarten, primary and secondary I levels as well as for vocational colleges. Its Bachelor’s, Master’s and Diploma programmes are based on the current state of the art in subject disciplines, education and the social sciences. Its courses of study are characterised by their orientation to competence and practice, together with their promotion of students’ self-responsibility and independence. In addition, a variety of supplementary courses are available to trained teachers.

The campus of the PH Zurich is located in the heart of the city, right next to the main train station. Opened in 2012, it offers students and employees an ideal teaching, learning and research environment with a modern infrastructure.


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