Swiss University of Speech Therapy Rorschach(SHLR)

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Swiss University of Speech Therapy Rorschach(SHLR)

The Swiss University of Speech Therapy Rorschach (SHLR) sees itself as a speech therapy competence center for education and training, research and development as well as services. It focuses on the field of speech therapy as an independent scientific discipline.

The SHLR offers comprehensive speech therapy training, taking into account the relevant relevant sciences as well as societal and social developments. She is committed to a holistic approach to speech, speech, voice and swallowing disorders and the associated communication impairments. Highly qualified lecturers and researchers guarantee the university’s scientific standards.

At university level in Switzerland, the SHLR is the leading provider of comprehensive training for speech therapists in children and adults. In teaching, it attaches the same importance to pedagogical and clinical areas, both in theory and in practice.

The SHLR takes into account the expectations of the professional world and offers practice-oriented training. The students are prepared for interdisciplinary collaboration with all the professionals involved. The SHLR qualifies students to advise stakeholders such as parents, teachers, doctors and other caregivers. The SHLR conducts research and development in the field of speech therapy. To do this, it uses an interdisciplinary cross-university network and takes social developments and needs into account.

Cooperations with domestic and foreign universities contribute to the high quality of teaching and research. The findings from R&D flow into teaching. The SHLR integrates the students in corresponding projects. The SHLR sees itself as a university in which students and employees can develop their potential, regardless of age, gender, biography, ethnic or religious affiliation and physical abilities.

The SHLR involves the students in the sense of having a say, co-determination and participation in decision-making and design processes.


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