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The University of Basel offers a wide range of educational opportunities, attracting students not only from Switzerland but from around the world as well. It has around 13,000 students from over a hundred nations, including 2,800 Ph.D. students. The University of Basel during the past years has been placed among the 100 top universities in the world.

Top reasons to study here

  • Attractive, high-quality bachelor, master and PhD degree programs
  • Excellent staff-student ratio
  • Study-friendly environment


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The University of Basel is Switzerland’s oldest university and was founded in 1460. During the first year, University had around 226 students and lecturers.  1928 in the history of the University of Basel marks the first year in which a woman was accepted to teach as an associate professor. Nowadays, women make about 54 percent of the student body.


The infrastructure and reputation the University of Basel owns have enabled it to become a center of science and research. Being located on the border of France and Germany the University of Basel is an international research university. There are research networks at the university level which enable researchers to participate in numerous national initiatives involving topic-oriented and/or interdisciplinary cooperative research.

Services & Facilities

Student Services

The Student Services office at the University of Basel is the central provider of services for students, lecturers, staff working in the different faculties, and the Rectorate. This office offers services related to processes of studying and teaching such as the application and admission to study programs, academic courses, academic progress, and completion. Moreover, support is also available for social matters and student career plans.

Psychological Counseling Services

The University of Basel offers helping services to its students or their instructors with mental health difficulties through the Students Advice Center. The Advice Center is the first point of contact for students with personal or psychological problems:

  • guidance
  • decision conflicts
  • test-related stress while studying
  • personal issues

The Personal Integrity Coordination Office

The Personal Integrity Coordination Office acts as a confidential and personal contact, advice and/or support point for students as well as for staff whose personal integrity has been violated. Students and staff who have been sexually harassed or witnessed sexual harassment at the UNIBAS have the right to report by contacting this office.


There are more than eight million print and handwritten manuscripts, maps and diagrams, pictorial documents, as well as other media available for students at the Basel University Library. This university library had two specialized satellite libraries:

  • The University Medical Library
  • The University Business and Economics Library/Swiss Economics Archive

The Basel University Library was built around 1470 and serves as both the university as well as the cantonal library of Basel city.


The Master of Science in Nursing program of UNIBAS is accredited by AAQ.


University of Basel


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