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Zug University of Education

The University of Teacher Education Zug (PH Zug) is situated in Central Switzerland. The locally anchored but internationally linked university of teacher education lies just above the town of Zug with a view over the lake and the mountains behind.

The University of Teacher Education Zug (PH Zug) is a modern and internationally-orientated university. PH Zug is a college attended by approximately 370 students. Due to this small size a very special culture of co-operation, personal atmosphere and innovative methods is possible.

The main focus of the teacher training is its closeness to practical school work, individual study support and teamwork. The students experience PH Zug as a standard on which they can model their future professional lives. Correspondingly, the teaching-practice schools and PH Zug are mutual learning areas and orientation guides.

Research, development and educational services at PH Zug guarantee that the latest academic discoveries are implemented as a trend-setting innovation into the school environment.