Year after year, as humans have progressed, so has technology, and as technology improves, so does computer science’s future. What is computer science, and why is it important, you may wonder? Assume you’re the owner of a business, and the data you have is the key to your success. A computer science degree can help you develop a system that protects your company’s data from cyber attacks in this situation. That isn’t the only benefit, but before we get into the specifics, let’s define a computer science degree.

What Is a Computer Science Degree in Simple Terms?

The field of computer science is so broad that we can explore it for the rest of our life and still discover new things we don’t fully comprehend. But simply put, a computer science degree enables us to study the computer’s hardware as well as different software systems. By analyzing a computer’s hardware, you can learn about potential problems and seek to prevent them or, at the very least, solve them. Now we will talk about ten potential courses that computer science includes.

Programming I and II

programmerprogrammerWe choose to play video games on various websites and even on our phones because it provides a fun experience. But who is behind it? It is, after all, the work of programmers. They develop instructions to make computers accomplish desired activities. Problem-solving, writing, abstract thinking, creativity, and other talents are acquired through programming. The Programming I course usually includes algorithms, software problem solving, and object-oriented programming. In the Programming II course, you will learn about object concepts such as standard packages, data types, and functions.

Discrete structures in computer science

To become effective in computer science, you must master a variety of theories and put them into practice, which is precisely what discrete structures provide. Discrete structures is a branch of mathematics that studies discrete objects like integers, rational numbers, etc. You need to grasp the arithmetic behind algorithms and codes to design them. This even allows you to join a sub-niche and learn fullstack mobile development to escape the over-saturated market.

Data structures

Data structures are similar to keeping your clothes organized so that the next time you need to change, you can do so in less time. It is incredibly effective at helping you arrange data in a computer so that you can find it quickly. To do that, you will learn about lists, vectors, algorithms, graphs, stacks, etc. Since each problem is solved differently, you’ll begin by breaking the issue down into small parts and resolving each one with abstract thinking and imagination. In this way, you will save time and enhance productivity.

Analysis of algorithms

algorithmsThis course will teach you more about using time, memory, disks, and networks. Algorithms are used to create instructions on solving problems or completing tasks. As a result, you’ll transform specific data into the desired outcome so that when users search for a solution to a problem, the answer appears.

Web development

By looking at the first word, we can tell it has something to do with websites. At the same time, development refers to constructing and managing websites from the ground up. In web development, you will learn about the basics of a website (client-side and server-side), HTML/CSS, JavaScript, analysis, testing, creativity, and other skills. Additionally, there are several web development online bootcamps where students can watch their lectures and read the course materials at their own pace. The future of web development is expected to be highly dynamic and innovative, with emerging technologies and new trends shaping the industry.

Software engineering I and II

In software engineering I and II, you will analyze user demands to determine what they require and then design, construct, and test software applications to suit those needs. You’ll accomplish this by writing codes, testing them, and debugging them. Through these two courses, you will gain skills such as computer programming, software development, problem-solving, logical thinking, software testing, and other crafts.

Computer architecture and assembly language

Computer architecture organizes every component in the computer, while the assembly language is a low-level programming language, one that a computer can grasp in comparison to humans. Here you’ll learn how machines are created and developed, so you’ll know what to expect and how to improve them. This course will teach you problem-solving, programming, web app development, and technical abilities, among other things.

Operating systems

operating-systemsThe operating system (OS) is one of the essential software in the computer. It manages the computer’s hardware and serves as the basis for computer and user interaction. This course can teach you technical support, customer service, data entry, and other skills. By the end of the course, you will be able to run programs, remove and monitor file systems, and grasp how an operating system works.

Intro to computer networks

The term “network” emphasizes that this subject has to do with groups of people who collaborate for communication. So, a collection of computers that share resources and exchange data. This course will cover networking hardware, software and services, virtual networks, network administration, and security. By the end of this course, you will understand how computers function, how to construct computer systems, and how to improve them.

Intro to useability engineering

This course will teach you how to plan, report, and analyze useability tests while focusing on improving system usability. You’ll experiment with several designs and conduct research to see what users like. Here, the user is at the center, so you want to make sure visitors visit your website rather than leave it.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Degree in Computer Science?

how-long-does-it-take-to-have-a-degree-in-computerSo, if you’re thinking of studying computer science in Switzerland, you should know how long it takes to finish. It takes about three years to complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Furthermore, if you want to improve your chances of earning a higher salary, pursuing a master’s degree, which takes about 1.5 years, is an option as well.

What Can You Do with a College Degree in Computer Science?

Business, healthcare, politics, finance and banks, mobile applications, and other fields of study can all benefit from a computer scientist. We’ll go through three different fields where a computer science degree can be used.


Computer Science (CS) personnel are crucial in this workplace to ensure that computer hardware and software are working properly. Because of the classified material that needs to be secured from cyber threats, CS employees assist with security. They also develop systems and databases to help the government run smoothly.


Computers are now utilized regularly, particularly in the healthcare industry, to register patients, store data, and communicate. A hospital would be a disaster without these systems that Computer specialists (CS) design and manage as problems arise, such as glitches, training on using techniques, and system improvement. That is why we have CS who ensure that the system is functioning correctly so that patients do not have to wait long and healthcare workers’ lives are made a little easier.


As technology advances, the demand for CS professionals grows. These employees’ responsibilities mainly include designing and maintaining corporate websites, upgrading the system, changing the aesthetic appearance of websites based on user preferences, and so on. For computer science students looking to excel in their studies and future careers, investing in the best laptop equipped with cutting-edge hardware and performance capabilities becomes essential.

Computer Science Salary

Considering the amount of work and effort the computer specialists do, the salary as well is a benefit. The salary for this job in Switzerland can go up to 177,845 CHF depending on your experience, which is a lot compared to other fields. 

The Bottom Line

What is left to say about computer science? Well, not much. However, with technology improvements and new things being introduced in the field, anything might change. As for now, a computer science degree is in high demand across Switzerland. So, if you’re interested in computer science, Switzerland is the place to be.

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