Most people assume that with a psychology degree you’re going to be a therapist. This is true in part: You can become a teacher, enter the business world, or do just about anything else you want. But it’s also not as simple as it seems. There are many different ways that people use their psychology degrees—and some of them may surprise you!

Most people assume that with a psychology degree you’re going to be a therapist

Most people assume that with a psychology degree you’re going to be a therapist. And while this is true in some cases, many psychologists work in other fields as well. For example, someone who has a general degree in psychology can pursue further study at an advanced level and become a clinical psychologist or another specialty.

The specific type of psychology you study can also influence your career options — for example, someone who studied cognitive psychology may be more likely to go into research than someone who studied abnormal psychology. 

The field of psychology has many different career options—and it’s all based on your interests, background, and skills. You can work as an analyst, therapist, researcher, teacher, or more.

You can become a teacher

As a psychology degree holder, you can pursue teaching as a career. You will have the opportunity to teach in both high school and college settings, which can give you a wide range of experiences in your field and allow you to apply your own knowledge and skills to a variety of situations. There are also opportunities for teaching private schools and public schools alike—and if you love working with children, this may be an ideal career choice for you!

Teaching is more flexible than many other careers and allows you to work at different schools throughout your career. In addition, teachers are often given opportunities to work with students who may be experiencing difficulty, which can be rewarding for both parties involved.

You can enter the business world.

The business world is full of people who need someone to help them understand their customers and how they make decisions. Psychology is an incredibly useful tool for this, as it can help businesses understand what their customers want and how to persuade them. There are many different jobs in the business world that require you to be able to read people’s minds or predict what they’ll do next based on past experiences with them, but if you have a degree in psychology (or any other field), this skill set will be particularly helpful for your career path.

Psychology can be applied in many different fields, but it’s particularly useful for certain jobs that require you to understand people and their motivations. This is especially true if you’re working in sales or marketing, as these two areas are all about understanding what makes customers tick.

What Can You  Do With A Psychology Degree?

You can do just about anything. Psychologists are not just psychologists. They’re also lawyers and doctors, politicians, journalists, and teachers—and they have a knack for working in teams with other professionals to solve problems.

They are creative thinkers who love figuring out how the world works and why people think the way they do; they’re curious explorers who want to know what makes them tick; they’re compassionate listeners who will listen until you feel understood; they’re effective communicators who can communicate effectively even when speaking their own language (which isn’t always English).

You Can Do So Much More With Your Psychology Degree

Just because your degree is in psychology doesn’t mean you have to go into therapy or teaching. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a business owner or marketer. Or maybe you’d like to do some research and write about it for a publication, like Psych Central or The Atlantic Monthly.

If these aren’t things that interest you now but would later on down the line, then consider becoming an independent consultant who offers advice on how people can improve their lives through psychological tools like mindfulness meditation (or whatever else appeals). This can be a bit tricky at first because there isn’t much money involved in being an independent consultant—but if all goes well for them, eventually this type of career could grow into something lucrative and fulfilling once again!

The Bottom Line

We hope this article has given you some insight into what the future holds for those with a psychology degree. We’ve discussed how you can use your education to enter the business world, do research and help others. For many people, working in a job is more important than just finding one that pays well or being able to afford living expenses. This is why we’re so excited about your future prospects!


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