With Switzerland being one of the countries with the largest number of international students, Swiss universities have had to adapt their curriculums to include English courses and degrees. Currently, most of the universities in Switzerland offer their Master and Doctorate programs in English. As for Bachelor programs, most courses are given in German, but English is present, too, even though in lower numbers than for post-graduate studies.

Life in Switzerland

While you might think of Switzerland as an unknown country, adapting to its culture might be easier than you think. The fact that ⅓ of the population comes from outside of Switzerland makes this country very diverse. Considering that there are 4 national languages, English is taught from childhood, and people from foreign countries bring their own language and culture. Switzerland is a really diverse and welcoming country. This is why it makes such a great home for international students.

Home of diversity

Nowadays, more people than ever are deciding to study abroad, to gather experiences and perspectives. Switzerland is, without a doubt, the choice for many of these students. That’s because it has a long history in many fields,, allowing students to learn from the best. Students can find a wide range of programs at Swiss universities, from international politics to hospitality, banking to the culinary arts.

The living costs in this country are slightly higher than in most countries due to the higher living standard, but education in Swiss universities is an investment, not an expense.

No matter the cost, life in Switzerland as a young person is an unforgettable experience. This is a country of four different national languages, 25% of the population is foreign, and there is quite a mix of cultures.

English universities in Switzerland

Swiss universities are very welcoming to international students. With their adapted programs in English and language learning courses they offer, they make the right choice for your studies. But the fact is that not all universities in Switzerland have adapted to English courses. The biggest number of English programs is on the maters and doctoral level. Only some universities offer all of their bachelor, masters, and doctoral programs in English.


Disclaim: The following lists of higher education does not represent a ranking.

International University in Geneva

Source: International University in Geneva

The international university of Geneva is one of the top ten business schools in Switzerland. With its graduate and undergraduate programs, it is the perfect institution for international students. The program is specially designed with theoretical and practical instruction to prepare students for international business practices. Their exchange program enables students to study at universities worldwide.

Language: They are one of the few schools whose courses are taught in English.

Tuition: Total tuition per program is 36,400 CHF (in total)

Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland

Source: Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland on Facebook

BHMS is one of the worlds leading hospitality schools. Its distinctive quality is that it has designed the fastest BA degrees without compromising the education quality. What they have done is that they’ve combined 18 months of studying with an 18 month paid internship. BHMS has students from 65 countries.

Language: All the courses are taught in English.

Tuition: 23’100 CHF (in total)

Universities offering English courses

While not all universities offer their courses in English, some of them have a number of them in English and offer support in German, French, or Italian for the rest of the courses. While some might look at this as a disadvantage, it is actually a blessing in disguise. At these universities, you get to study at a world-class institution and perfect your foreign language knowledge.

Although the bachelor programs in these universities are not completely in English, most of their masters and doctoral degrees are. This is why these universities are so well known internationally for their masters and doctorates.

University of Geneva

Source: the University of Geneva on Facebook

This research university, located in Geneva, was founded in 1559. Its long history and legacy make it one of the best places to be studying in the world. The university’s main missions are research, teaching, and services to the community. Today, it is the third-largest university in Switzerland by the number of students, 40% of which are international.

Language: The courses are taught in French and English.

Tuition: 500 CHF (per semester)

University of Bern

Source: University of Bern

Being located in Switzerland’s capital, the University of Bern benefits from the city’s diversity, cultural heritage, and development. With Bern being located in a German-speaking canton, this language is required for a full-degree program. The university is very welcoming to international students, with their engagement in exchange programs like Erasmus, ISEP, and bilateral agreements with other international universities.

Language: The courses are taught in German and English.

Tuition: 950 CHF (per semester)

University of Basel

Source: the University of Basel on Facebook

Founded in 1460, the University of Basel is the oldest in Switzerland and has a history of success going back over 550 years. Thanks to its research achievements, the University of Basel is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. While some courses are taught in English only, students must have a knowledge of C1 in German.

Language: The courses are taught in German and English.

Tuition: 850 CHF (per semester)

University of Lausanne

Source: Université de Lausanne on Facebook

The University of Lausanne was founded as a theology school, turned into a university.  It is around 450 years old, and approximately ⅕ of its student body is international students. The university has 190 research units that work on genomics, aesthetics of cinema, environmental law, and criminalistics.

Language: The courses are taught in French and English.

Tuition: 580 CHF (per semester)

University of Zurich

Source: The University of Zurich on Facebook

The University of Zurich is one of the best universities, not only in Switzerland but also in Europe. Its location in one of the largest cities in Switzerland allows it to be home to a large number of Swiss and international students. As an institution, it is committed to gender equality, diversity, and sustainability.

Language: The courses are taught in German and English.

Tuition: 1,220 CHF (per semester)

Other universities in Switzerland offer a few English programs – the University of Fribourg with two study programs in English, universities that offer a few courses in English-the University of St. Gallen, or universities that offer their programs in several different languages-University of the Arts Bern.

  1. dear sir/madam, I have a son who is 17 years old. He wants to study business and management starting in sept. 2021. The courses have to be in English.
    we also interesting 10 a scholarship as we have another child studying in UK medical eng.

    it will be nice to help us out
    thank in advance
    Eleni Mavromichali

    1. Dear Eleni,

      We have compiled a list of the schools that offer business programs in Switzerland. Take a look at our article Top 10 Business Schools in Switzerland. As for the scholarship, you can look if the university your son chooses offers them and then see if he’s eligible to apply for them.
      We hope we have been of help.

      Good luck!

  2. I find the universities very interesting, I studied economics as my first degree, I like to do my master’s degree in related studies, I also like to research,render community services as well, am wondering which of the universities I can fit into, all of the universities offer brilliant courses but I like University of Zurich and University of Geneva particularly

  3. Hello there.. My Name is Luthando Velleman I’m the age of 17years old and I’m looking to study law or Marketing in Switzerland preferably Zurich and must be taught in English please as i am from Cape Town South Africa. I am looking to move to Switzerland in 2021 wherever the Course starts

  4. I am a first degree holder(Bar. Education)
    Hoping to secure admission to further my education in any reputable university in Switzerland.
    I like Switzerland because of its cultural diversity and conducive environment for learning.

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