Switzerland is known for its business schools that offer some of the best MBA programs in the world. However, not everyone can be part of these universities. The reasons vary from financial to time to location, or simply flexibility. That’s why students are choosing universities that offer online MBA programs. Not only are they cheaper, but also flexible, giving you the space to work and study simultaneously without having to fly to Switzerland to get an MBA degree (if you’re not Swiss).

The advantages of online learning are even more evident now that CoronaVirus pandemic has spread around the world. When on-campus universities all over were closed down and looking for other alternatives, online universities were affected little to nothing as the students continued their studies from home.

1. Swiss Business School

Swiss Business School is one of the Swiss universities that offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in Business Administration. It’s known for its MBA program in Zurich. Despite their standard MBA program, they offer an Online MBA program for all those interested in getting an MBA degree.

SBS Admission Requirements

To become a student of this online program, a degree from a recognized university or an equivalent one to Swiss Business School is required. Prospective students will go under an SBS admission exam. From the standardized tests, students need to submit GRE scores of 310 points, GMAT scores of 550 points or higher, and TOEFL IBT scores of 90 points, or IELTS score of 6.5.

SBS Tuition Fees

If you decide to apply to the Swiss Business School online MBA program, the first thing you’re going to do is to pay an application fee. This fee is going to cost you CH 150. A non-refundable administration fee follows that costs CH 2,250. The whole program consists of 15 courses, and you’ll have to pay for each a sum of CH 1.000.

SBS Specializations

Swiss Business School provides students with several MBA programs to choose from. You’ll find them listed as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Finance and Banking
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Management
  • Marketing

SBS Program Structure

This MBA program has 15 courses. Each course duration is eight weeks. In those weeks, students will do projects, analyze case studies, and submit assignments. To get an online MBA degree, students are required to finish all 15 courses and write a Master’s thesis. The program’s duration is 24 months on average, but students may take up to five years.


2. Swiss School of Business and Management

SSBM is a renowned university in the heart of Geneva. This university offers business programs of all education levels. By providing an online MBA program, this university thought of giving opportunities to all the students who can’t find time to enroll in their standard MBA program.

SSBM Admission Requirements

Upon applying in this online program, a CV together with your online application form, the diploma, and your transcript is required. To be considered, you need to have 180 ECTS credits from your previous degree. One other requirement is to have two years of work experience.

SSBM Tuition Fees

This school is one of those that doesn’t require you to pay an application fee. How much you’re going to pay to SSBM depends on the program you choose. Online MBA Global is going to cost you 6,000 EUR, whereas online MBA Executive 9,000 EUR.

This online school offers scholarships and tuition fee discounts. The scholarships are awarded based on professional experience. For more information on scholarships, contact their admission office.

SSBM Specializations

Swiss School of Business and Management provides students with several MBA programs to choose from. You’ll find them listed as follows:

  • Global and International Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Global Finance and Banking

SSBM Program Structure

This online program is designed to be finished within 12 months. You’ll have access to the lessons any time and everywhere, or you have the option of joining the live sessions that they stream on the internet.

3. Sustainability Management School

Sustainability Management School was the first business school that launched the MBA program in Sustainability Management. Geographically, it’s located in the town of Gland, a town between Geneva and Lausanne. However, this school also offers its services online.

SUMAS Admission Requirements

As the university requires, upon applying, you need to submit a valid passport or ID of yours. A copy of a bachelor’s or master’s degree with official transcripts in English is also required. You need to prepare a CV and a motivational letter, showing in this way the admission office your educational and professional background.

In the meantime, they require standardized tests to evaluate your English proficiency. For the TOEFL test, the score of 90 points on the IBT version, or 550 on PBT is required. Whereas, on IELTS, the score of 6 points is accepted.

One last requirement is you entering a computer-based admission test.

SUMAS Tuition Fees

Firstly, you’ll have to pay a non-refundable application fee of CH 200. Exempt from the application fee are students who take up to two modules. SUMAS offers students multiple payment options. If you choose to pay the tuition fee up-front, you’ll pay a sum of CH 14,900 in total, including the application fee. However, if you’re thinking of paying it as you go, the program will cost you CH 25, 200, or for each module, you’ll pay CH 1,500.

SUMAS Online MBA Specializations

Sustainability Management School provides students with several MBA programs to choose from. You’ll find them listed as follows:

  •  MBA in Sustainability Management
  •  MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment
  •  MBA in Sustainable Tourism Management
  •  MBA in Sustainable Hospitality Tourism

Program Structure

The length of your online studies depends on the chosen payment plan. It’s calculated that the average length is 18 months. However, students can take up to three years. The program consists of nine modules and five core courses. You’re going to finalize your studies with a disertation.


4. United International Business Schools in Zurich

United International Business Schools are a private higher education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. One of them is based in Zurich. It offers to its students flexible Business and Management studies in all education levels from Bachelor to MBA and Doctorate.

UIBS Admission Requirements

The first requirement is to have a Bachelor’s degree in your hands. The major from which you graduated isn’t relevant as they offer this study opportunity to all students with a Bachelor’s degree. However, those that don’t have a degree in Business Management, have to complete an assessment test before starting the program and earn an additional number of credits in courses of the Pre-Master foundation program. They believe that in this way, you’ll be fully prepared for graduate studies.

UIBS Tuition Fees

This university offers multiple payment choices. You can choose to pay for each course about CH 770, or you can pay a sum of CHF 18,480 for the whole program including the disertation.

UIBS Specializations

United International Business Schools provides students with several MBA programs to choose from. You’ll find them listed as follows:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management

UIBS Program Structure

The online MBA program of UIBS consists of 24 courses and a final thesis. A full-time student can earn an MBA degree within nine months, but if you’re planning on spreading the workload, you can take up to 12 months.

They offer another option for students to earn a degree by providing part-time online studies. Part-time students can earn a Master’s degree in about 2 to 3 years. It all depends on how many courses you finish in a quarter.

5. Robert Kennedy College

Robert Kennedy College is a private higher education institution based in Zurich. This college provides distance education for students spread all over the world. What makes it different from other online business colleges is that it offers quite a few types of MBAs for students to choose from.

RKC Admission Requirements

There are three formal entry requirements:

  • An honors degree
  • Two years of work experience
  • IELTS 6.5

However, don’t get discouraged if you don’t fulfill these requirements. The admission office considers all candidates who can provide evidence of professional qualifications or work experience, and working or studying in English.

RKC Tuition Fees

Prospective students will pay CHF 12,000 in total to this university for the online MBA program. This fee includes library access, online campus access, graduation fees, and university matriculation fees.

RKC Specializations

Robert Kennedy College provides students with quite a number of MBA programs to choose from. You’ll find them listed as follows:

  • Business Administration
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Finance and Sustainability
  • International Business
  • Media Leadership
  • Public Health Management
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Tourism
  • Risk Management
  • Artificial Intelligence

RKC Program Structure

You can earn your online MBA in 12 months. However, you can take up to five years. The delivery method is via OnlineCampus, which includes intensive class discussion and collaboration.

It’s not easy to decide which university offers the best MBA programs and believe them with your education. We hope we have helped you to at least narrow down your list of potential universities.

Happy online learning!

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