Home to beautiful lakes, Luzerne is considered one of Switzerland’s shining jewels. With its reputation as a romantic city, we can’t deny that it is the perfect town for a getaway, not only for couples but for anyone who wants to have a good time.


Tourists may enjoy walking around the pretty streets, strolling along the gorgeous greenish-blue river, exploring the historical attractions, and visiting places near the lakes by ferries. If you approach the city from its Lake Basin, you will be swept away by the magical setting, courtesy of the picturesque reflections of towers and mountains alike.


Even though it is a modern city, it still preserves its quaint old-world charm. With Lake Lucerne in the middle and a glorious sight of snow-capped Alps in the background, Lucerne offers entertainment and serenity at the same time. It is worth a visit, whether you want to spend time relaxing, taking in the view, or go on a plethora of day trips. Here is a list of the best things you can do in Lucerne.

Take the “Dragon Ride”


From Fräkmüntegg to Mountain Pilatus, you can take the dragon ride—the aerial cableway that gives you the feeling of flying. This cableway is like a cabin with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a breathtaking view up to the summit. Lake Lucerne lays underneath the mountain, and in the distance, you have a heavenly panorama of the queen of the mountains, Mount Rigi. At 7.000 ft, you will experience pure bliss, especially in the summer.


There are also other transportation options for you to reach the Pilatus-Kulm. If you feel energetic, you can take up hiking or hop on the cogwheel railway for a memorable adventure. This cogwheel train is the steepest one in the world, and the impressive landscape it crosses is not one to miss. Once you reach the top, there is the Dragon Trail which you can explore to get informed on the stories and myths that surround this mountain. We can say without a doubt that this mountain is enchanting in every way. 

Sail Through Lake Lucerne

On a lovely sunny day or even on a late mild summer evening, nothing beats a cruise on Lake Lucerne. The dense nature and blue waters on both shores make the view picture-perfect, while at the same time, the wind from the lake makes for a relaxing voyage.


Whether you stream towards the snow-capped Alps or choose to stay close to Luzerne, the houses and beautiful alps quaintly mirror into its waters, giving the lake an unusual but exceptional presence. During the summer you can swim on the lake, find a sunbathing spot or take a walk along the shore. 

Visit the Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

The Chapel Bridge, an unusual old wooden bridge situated on the Reuss River at the center of this central town, is one of Lucerne’s biggest attractions. What makes this bridge out-of-the-ordinary is that it doesn’t cross the river directly but at an angle, making it twice as long than it needs to be. Part of the bridge is the so-called water tower, which is older than the bridge itself.


While you cross the bridge, you can marvel at the splendid triangular paintings on its wooden roof trusses. They portray stories from Lucerne’s history and legends, although two-thirds of the paintings were destroyed due to a fire that broke out in August of 1993. The blooming flowers at the side of the bridge, the spectacular view of Lake Lucerne, and the reflections on the water make this attraction that much more monumental.

Walk Around Old Town Lucerne

Source: Patrick Nouhailler

Located on the River Reuss’s right edge, by Chapel Bridge and Spreuer Bridge, is the Old Town boulevard of Lucerne. Walking through the old yet vibrant town is like stepping into a medieval fairytale. It is also a five-minute walking distance from Lucerne’s central train station. 


This part of the city is a pedestrian area with pretty cobblestone streets where you can wander around and do a little shopping, appreciate the old buildings, or sit in a bar for a beer or two. In the morning, you can find a farmer’s market filled with fresh products, local jams, cheese, and other popular food.

Take in the Lion Monument

The lion monument is a rock relief carved out of a sandstone wall as it overlooks a pretty pond surrounded by gardens at the east end of Lucerne. The giant dying lion on the rock wall is a moving tribute to the brave Swiss soldiers that protected King Louis XVI’s life during the French Revolution. 


With just about a 15-minute walk from Lucerne’s center, the monument stands six meters tall and ten meters wide. Hearing about its history and reflecting on the art mirrored in the pond creates a feeling of wonder and awe. It is as a serene place in the evening as it is during the day.

Swiss Museum Of Transport

Source: Johanna Unternährer / Verkehrshaus

One of Switzerland’s most visited museums allows you to explore the exciting history of the world’s transportation systems—road, rail, water, airborne mobility, and even space travel. This is the perfect place for all machine enthusiasts. You get to climb aboard on some vehicles like submarines, helicopters, and futuristic space stations. But that is not all that this museum offers. 


Swiss Museum of Transport is home to Switzerland’s largest cinema screen where you can watch one of the IMAX movies shown. In addition, you can experience the Swiss Chocolate Adventure (for only CHF 16), where you’ll breathe in the warm scent of cocoa and see how chocolate is made. Not to mention the spectacular planetarium that takes you on a galactic journey through its cutting-edge technology. You will get to experience virtual spacewalks and watch a display of the stunning night sky.

Experience the Queen of the Mountains

Image source: Switzerland Tours

Mount Rigi is surrounded by three lakes—Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauerz. The view from the mountain and the charming landscape filled with clear waters, wildflowers, quaint villages, and cows ringing their bells are what make this visit unforgettable. 


The most picturesque way to reach the mountain is to start with a boat cruise from Lucerne to Vitznau, from which you take the old Rigi train to go up the mountain. You can also use the cable cars that are available there. The view is just as spectacular on the lake, train, and cable cars. And for the hiking enthusiasts, the trails to this mountain will not disappoint. The activities you can do once you are at the Rigi-Kulm are endless. From those that relax you to those that give your desired dose of adrenaline.

Lucerne Culture And Congress Centre

Source: KKL Luzern

This astonishing massive building comprises a concert hall, the Museum of Art Lucerne, and several seminar rooms. There is always something going on at the KKL Centre, from movie screenings to classical concerts and live orchestras. It surely is the favorite location for art and music fanatics. 


The Culture And Congress Centre attracts its visitors with its convenient location right on the shore of Lucerne Lake, inviting contemporary architecture and a view of Lucerne’s luxury hotels. Just in front of its entrance stands the historic Wagenbach fountain. From the rooftop terrace, you have a picturesque view of the river, lake, and the old town. 


Lucerne is the perfect town for a getaway for all kinds of people. From those who seek a peaceful holiday to those who want to have an adventurous trip. No matter the weather, there is always something to do and enjoy. Happy travels!

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